Primary Initiatives for Year 2018

  • Increasing Access to Education from Preschool to Upper Secondary
  • Implementation of Principal Charter
  • Upholding Bahasa Melayu Education
  • Expanding Parental and Community Involvement in the School Ecosystem
  • Private-Public Partnership
  • Transformation of IPG to Improve the Quality of Teachers Training
  • Enhancing STEM Education
  • Inculcating Higher Order Thinking Skills in 21st Century Learning
  • Strengthening English Language Education
  • District Transformation Programme
  • Education Transformation For Orang Asli And Indigenous People
  • Increasing Access and Quality of Education for Special Needs Students
  • Strengthening Unity at Schools
  • Development of Ethics and Values
  • Providing Basic Infrastructure to All School
  • Increasing MOE's Education Data Sharing and Strengthen the Dashboard Usage
  • 109 Implementation of MOE ICT Transformation Initiative
  • Optimisation of Expenditure Based on Programme Outcomes
  • Implementation of the New Structure for the Ministry