May 19, 2016
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Chong Sin Woon: Teaching methods, classrooms must evolve with digital age

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IPOH : The teacher-oriented teaching and learning process is no longer suitable for students in the 21st century, says Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon.

As these students are born in an era filled with technological sophistication, he said this means that teachers must adapt to an educating process that is student-oriented.

"This is where school principals must step in and play an important role to ensure that your teachers are on board making classrooms fit for the 21st century teaching and learning process," he said in his speech when opening the Selangor SJKC School Principals Educational Seminar here on Wednesday.

Chong said a 21st century classroom is arranged in an attractive manner and has many different features like a presentation corner, reading corner, work station and the teacher's desk.

"A truly conducive classroom has the capability of cultivating the interest of students in learning and enriching their skills.

"This is also a reason to encourage an optimum usage of ICT (information and communications technology) in lessons to produce more creative and independent students who are able to learn effectively with proper guidance, instead of being spoonfed," he said, adding that spoonfeeding was the main issue of the 20th century teaching and learning process.

Chong also said the 21st century school principals must be digitally savvy, critical and creative, as well as equally knowledgeable and are aware of the development taking place in the world.

"This is why educational institutions can no longer function behind closed doors. They should work towards embracing modern advancements of the world," he said.

Chong pointed out at the same time, the challenges faced by Chinese schools in this era of globalisation have become more evident because they are now not only the preferred choices of the Chinese community but the non-Chinese as well.

"Indirectly, this would also translate into forms of challenges and pressure faced by school principals and teachers to cater to the students' educational needs.

"As I firmly believe that school principals are the leaders of education in the 21st century, it is important that they must also ensure that teachers are equipped with the right abilities to face these new challenges head on," he said.





Source : The Star  

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