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PADU aims to deliver and monitor the Government’s aspiration to develop world-class education that will better prepare young Malaysians for the needs of the 21st century. The unit comprises the best of talents from civil and private sectors who are dedicated in bringing Malaysia's education to a largely competitive scale.

"In order to meet our aspirations amidst an increasingly competitive global environment,
we cannot stand still. Our country requires
a transformation of its entire education system."

YAB. Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak

About PADU

The Education Performance and Delivery Unit (PADU) was established on March 20, 2013 as a unit under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. The primary role of PADU is to facilitate, support, and deliver the ministry’s vision in transforming Malaysia’s education system through the success of the Malaysia National Blueprint for 2013-2025. PADU also collaborates with the ministry to develop remedial action plans, which ensure ongoing improvements to the quality of Malaysia’s education structure. 

The unit sets to effectively deliver strategies, oversee implementations, manage interdependencies, and introduce new approaches that aims to propel Malaysia’s education system to become globally competitive. 

PADU incorporates the best of talents from both the civil service and private sector. PADU is currently led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Puan Khadijah Abdullah. 

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The Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 was formed to evaluate the performance of Malaysia's current education system with considerations of historical starting points against international benchmarks. The Blueprint also offers future visions of the Malaysian education system, factors that aim to raise student aspirations, and strategic and operational shifts required to achieve this vision.

In October 2011, the Ministry of Education launched a comprehensive review of Malaysia’s education system in order to develop the National Blueprint. Over the course of 15 months (Oct 2011 -Dec 2012), the ministry drew on many sources of input, from education experts at UNESCO, World Bank, OECD, and six local universities, to principals, teachers, parents, students, and members of the public from across the nation.

The current education transformation plan aims to raise Malaysian students to an international education standard, increase public and parental expectations of the national education policy, and prepare Malaysian children for challenges of the 21st century. 


Quality Education, Exemplary Individuals,
Harmonious Nation.


To be a partner to the Ministry of Education in
facilitating the transformation of the national
education system.


Manage potential risks by thinking ahead and taking early actions.


Take ownership and responsibility for work deliverables.


Maintain high energy and tenacity to achieve the desired outcomes.


Focus on team culture with strong collaboration and effective communication.

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Understanding the current performance and challenges of the Malaysian education system, with a focus on improving access to education, raising standards (quality), closing achievement gaps (equity), fostering unity amongst students, and maximising system efficiency.

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Establishing a clear vision and aspirations for individual students and the national education system as a whole over the next 13 years.

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Outlining a comprehensive transformation programme for the system and to support the overall transformation of civil services that will allow the Ministry to meet new demands and rising expectations.


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